Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Shantel & Areti Ketime // EastWest - Dysi Ki Anatoli

The world of music is in wonderful shape when a combination like this occurs. Shantel is German with Romanian heritage singing in English and Areti is Greek, and both are well-known recording artists in their own right.
I think the translation of the lyrics says all that needs to be.

Your two hands, a breath, like a cool dawn.
Cinnamon, sugar and mint and a sweet kiss.
Blossomed in my backyard gardenia, sambac and jasmine,
with scent from Greece and the East.
We both, my heart, are matched,
with scent from Greece, the Balkans, the West and the East.
Your two eyes as I look, the sky with the earth.
Bright blue light and amber, oregano and wine

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